He started composing songs in 1990. Then he colaborated with a pop-rock band called 'Silver Points' as keyboard player, composer and arranger. This adventure lasted more than a year and resulted in two top ten songs of Radio dla Ciebie Chart, a few concerts and most importantly, a number of recordings in Andrzej Puczyński's studio 'Izabelin' and Wróbel's studio 'Malachitowa'.

Such were the beginnings. As a musical arranger and producer, he collaborates today with the leading stars of the Polish music scene including Kayah (on the album Kayah & Royal String Quartet) and Ania Dabrowska (on the album “Wear trousers or a skirt?”.  His song “Who Knows” performed by De Su is one of the most frequently broadcast Polish and, more recently, Hungarian, Christmas songs. His song from the film “The Stand-ins” performed by Kayah and “Tango de amor” from the film “Never Again” have enjoyed significant popularity as well. He has composed hundreds of advertising soundtracks, which have won him multiple awards including Tytan’93 and Kreatura 2000. His music has been released on nearly 30 albums.




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