Maciej Zieliński


  • A thriller ‘Desolation’ dir. by David Moscow, with music composed by Maciej Zielinski, will be released in New York and LA theaters on January 26th. A national release will follow. The movie tells the story of Katie (Dominik García-Lorido, City Island) who works in a small-town hotel when she meets heartthrob actor Jay (Brock Kelly, Pitch Perfect). Jay charms Katie, brings her to L.A., where their relationship begins to blossom. When Jay gets a movie role and has to leave town, Katie awaits his return. That’s when everything begins to unravel. After series of bizarre occurrences we cannot be sure if all what is happening to Katie is real or we observe some of her mental disorders… The score to “Desolation” is build with contemporary electronic sounds as well as acoustic additions, including Yayabahar, very unique, Turkish instrument performed by its inventor – Gorkem Sen. Thanks to its distinctive sound the score has been enriched with very original sonic qualities…

  • proModern, it is one of the best vocal ensembles in Poland. They specialize in contemporary classical music. Their most recent programm consists of works composed to Shakespeare's Sonnets. Maciej Zieliński got commission from them to compose 73rd sonnet "That time of year". On Dec 18th Warner Music will realease their newest album entitled “Shakespired”. On that day there will be promotional concert where all the compositions from the album will be performed. Very much reccomended!

  • On October 27th Magnetic Records releases "Cinema Piano 3" album. It contains selection of well-known piano film tracks including 2 compositions by Maciej Zielinski: "Natasha's Theme" from "The Photographer" dir. by Waldemar Krzystek (appears on CD for the first time) and “Judith’s Dreams” from “Never Ever” dir. by Ryszard Zatorski. Enjoy!