dir. Zbigniew Kamiński (1996)
Figaro Films
Producer: Kazimierz Rozwałka

Germans it is american-Polish coproduction based on novel 'Niemcy' by Leon Kruczkowski. The subject of the film, associated with the Second World War, called for serious, dramatic, often sombre music. The director meant for the music to function well in a film but at same time the pieces were to sound autonomous enough to exist independently of the film. It was an exceptionally difficult task, even more so because 50 minutes of orchestral music was to be composed in less than three weeks. The score is stylistically close to classical pieces by Zieliński. Though full reception of the music is more demanding than with 'standard' film illustrations, the score got favourable reviews, appreciating the way it functions in the film as well as its originality. The film had excellent cast. An outstanding Swiss actor Peer Oscarson played the lead role of Profesora Sonnenbrucha. Supporting actors were mainly American, but Beata Tyszkiewicz, Teresa Budzisz-Krzyżanowska, Katarzyna Figura also performed in the film.


Germans DVD Germans - Sonnenbruch family



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