Just love me
dir. Ryszard Zatorski (2006) 
MTL Maxfilm 
Producers: Tadeusz Lampka, Dariusz Gąsiorowski 
Production supervisor: Ryszard Chutkowski

Three main musical themes are dominant in the film. First one is a "bottle" samba. In one of the scenes Agata carries some bottles, whose clinking generates the rhythm of samba, thus creating the main musical motive of the film.The second theme is connected with 7-year-old Michalina. Marimba, very often associated with children and childhood, is the leading instrument used in the piece. The love theme, on the other hand, is connected with two instruments - for love joins two people - classic guitar and alto flute with its characteristic, low, lyrical and saturated sound. The 60-person orchestra was conducted by Marcin Nałęcz-Niesiołowski. Polish Radio Orchestra was accompanied by Krzysztof Herdzin (piano), Marek Napiórkowski (guitar), Filip Sojka (base guitar) and brass section: Mariusz "Fazim" Mielczarek, Sebastian Sołdżyński, Andrzej Rękas i Marek Podkowa. The guests at the studio were also Cuban pianist Rei Ceballo from the band Calle Sol and two amazing percussionists: Manuel Alban Juarez and Miki Wielecki. The sound engineer is Tadeusz Mieczkowski - Fryderyk Award winner, who has worked with artists such as Natalie Cole, Tori Amos, Genesis, Edyta Górniak or Pat Metheny. The recordings lasted for over a week, taking place in Studio M1 of the Polish Radio and at Sound&More.


Michalina 2 Agata Michał, Michalina and the chicken Agata 2 Kiss Julia in the rain Michał Julia and Michał 2 Michalina Julia and Michał Michał in the shop At the Fountain



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