The Stand-ins
dir. Marcin Ziębiński (2006)
Butterfly Film
Producers: Jacek Wielgopolan, Tomasz Karczewski, Krzysztof Dobosz
Production supervisors: Artur Zgadzaj, Jacek Lipski

The soundtrack for the film is over an hour of orchestral music with a lot of modern electronic sounds, fragments recorded by the composer in Sicily with ensemble "Sikania" and two songs. Many dynamic scenes and quick film montage made it necessary to compose synchronized music, one that closely follows the action on the screen. The plot of the film gave the opportunity to create interesting arrangement configurations, e.g. combination of traditional Sicilian instruments with orchestra and modern percussion and electronic sounds.

The recordings took place in June 2005 in studio S4. The contributors were: Polish Radio Orchestra, conducted by Marcin Nałęcz-Niesiołowski, Marek Napiórkowski - guitars, Filip Sojka - bass, Sebastian Wypych - double bass, Roman Orłow - vibraphone and Barry Salone and Patricia Kazadi - vocals. Additional recordings in Sicily with the ensemble Sikania were made in July 2005 and the material was mixed at the end of July and beginning of August 2005 at studio Sound&More, all supervised by Tadeusz Mieczkowski. Kayah, who is also among the cast of the film, performed the song "Jaka Miłość Taka Śmierć".


Gambini Sophia Stunt-ins Gambini and Sophia Kayah mafia man



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