"Sucked in 2" - Premiere of the latest comedy directed by Piotr Wereśniak

Sucked in Wkreceni 2 Piotr Weresniak Maciej Zielinski Polish ComposerOn January 14th 2015 premiered "Sucked in" the latest comedy by Peter Weresniak. The event was attended by crème de la crème of the most popular Polish actors who played in the movie. Featuring, among many others, Anna Mucha, Małgorzata Socha, Marta Zmuda, Bartosz Opania, Barbara Kurdej-Szatan and Pawel Domagala.

"Sucked in 2" is a crazy comedy about the next adventures of the characters from “Sucked in” part one. This time the main character of the plot is Tom Zarówny aka The Neck (Pawel Domagala). Working as a motorway worker The Neck gets noticed by celebrities agent - Clementine (Małgorzata Socha) and he gets to double a big star - Miki Mazur. This starts the avalanche of events. The Neck lands in the center of the Polish show business and becomes a celebrity. His wife, Jadwiga (Barbara Kurdej-Szatan) surprised by the sudden disappearance of her husband tries to find him.

Maciej Zielinski composed the music for “Sucked in 2”. This is the third production of Piotr Wereśniak, in which the composer and the director have worked together. The soundtrack of the movie is very diverse. Intrigue created by Clementine is accompanied by exuberant, but mysterious theme embedded in Latino rhythms. Jadwiga and The Neck follows theme played by acoustic guitar. There was also a room for some musical jokes. That happened e.g. in a scene of narcotic visions, when one of the characters sees some pictures from the “wild west” and the composer follows that with ‘spaghetti western’ style. The whole orchestral soundtrack is complemented by a touch of club and dub step cues.

Watch the trailer: here


  • "Sucked in 2" - Premiere of the latest comedy directed by Piotr Wereśniak

  • January 8th 2015, the premiere of "The Photographer" by Waldemar Krzystek

  • Maciej Zielinski will be a special guest of Film Music Festival in Cracow

  • 'Trio for MB' for clarinet, violin nad cello performed at Warsaw Autumn fringe event

  • "Photofrapher" directed by Waldemar Krzystek with Maciej Zielinski's music at Gdynia Film Festival 2014

  • 3 compositions of Maciej Zielinski at Presteigne Festival in Wales

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  • Recording sessions of the music to "Photographer" dir. by Waldemar Krzystek

  • 29.05.2014 Maciej Zieliński at "Zmysły sztuki" cycle (The Senses of Art)

  • Maciej Zielinski is one of the five nominees for the “FRYDERYK 2012” Award. The other nominees include K. Penderecki and W. Kilar.

  • PWM Edition has published Maciej Zieliński's film themes for piano

  • 20.09.2013 Premiere of the album: V Symphony

  • 12.05.2013 World premiere of Concello for cello and string orchestra at the Warsaw Music Encounters festival

  • Oratio for organ solo at the Annual Festival of New Organ Music at the Westminster Cathedral in London

  • The main theme from “Criminal Department” ranked third on the RFM Classic Radio’s Hit List

  • Premiere of “Elemen T” for orchestra by Maciej Zielinski, performed by Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra directed by Łukasz Borowicz

  • “Domine, quis habitabit” will be performed at the Poznan Spring Festival by the Poznan Chamber Choir, conducted by Bartosz Michalowski.

  • “Barocode I” and “Duo per Due” at the anniversary concert of the Second Channel of the Polish Radio

  • Premiere of the "V Symphony" at the Witold Lutoslawski Concert Studio at 7:00 p.m. on January  29th.

  • Christmas television concert at the Mariacki Church. Maciej Zielinski’s “Rejoice, The Holy Virgin” performed by Aukso and Camerata Silesia

  • “Lutoslawski in Memoriam” for oboe and piano and “Shining II” for string orchestra, performed at the Warsaw Autumn Festival 2011.

  • 11.02.2011. Premiere of double album “Sounds of Love” with beautiful love themes by Maciej Zielinski

  • Premiere of the album with the soundtrack for “Oh Charles 2” directed by Piotr Wereśniak

  • The new film by Piotr Weresniak titled “Oh Charles 2”, with music by Maciej Zielinski, will be released on January the 21st, 2011.