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Okładka V Symphony Maciej Zielinski polish composer

An album with the latest works of Maciej Zieliński, V Symphony, hit the shops on 20 September 2013. 6 days later the fans had a chance to meet Maciej Zieliński i Łukasz Borowicz at a promotional event in Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne at 8 Fredry Street. The works included on the album, V Symphony and Elemen T, both composed in 2012 as a result of the composer's cooperation with the Polish Radio Orchestra. Maciej Zieliński has worked with the Orchestra for many years now, however, this time as it was as part of the “Composer-in-Residence” programme ran by the Institute of Music and Dance.

The eponymous V Symphony ( "V" pronounced as "vi") is the most most interesting piece on the album. The 45-minute work is only the second symphony composed by Maciej Zieliński, but in the composer's words, the jump in numbers stemmed from the desire to relate to the great tradition of the genre, and also the graphical inspiration offed by the shape of the letter "V". The shape, turned around its centre, dictated the music, the form, or even the physical location of the orchestra members. These

The score and the recordings clearly reflect the wave-like movement (up-down, down-up)

The five-part piece is in the shape of an upside-down letter “V” with its characteristic axis of symmetry. Fourth movement is a mirror reflection of the second movement, as the fifth is of the first. What is more, while the second movement displays an ascending contour (strings), the fourth movement is characterised by a descending contour, resulting in overall outline of an upside down letter V.

V Symphony is certainly the piece in which I seek my own understanding of postmodernism. [..] I am trying to to find a way to combine elements of musical tradition and contemporary musical language.

Even beginning from the title, V Symphony is full of elements of “double coding”, so typical for postmodern art and its ambiguity. The composition has a number of interesting sound effects, for example when the orchestra performs “live” effects such as “delay” or “a slowing down tape”. An accidental phone ringtone that played in the audience during the world premiere of the symphony just as it was coming to a close was a surprisingly fitting finale, in keeping with the postmodern character of the work. It was so musical and complimentary to the composition that the composer decided to include it in the score...

There are many more interesting facts around V Symphony, waiting to be discovered while listening to the recordings, reading the score or the very interesting write up about the pieces by Iwona Lindstedt. Enjoy the search and discovery!

The album is released on the DUX label, with selected media partners: Polskie Radio Program 2, Presto, HiFi i Muzyka, Polskie Centrum Informacji Muzycznej. The album is available in shops now.

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  • 20.09.2013 Premiere of the album: V Symphony

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  • Premiere of the "V Symphony" at the Witold Lutoslawski Concert Studio at 7:00 p.m. on January  29th.

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